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What is Concrete Pumping?

A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping.  We have three types of concrete pumps.


The first type is a boom pump mounted on a lorry with a concrete placing boom.  Boom pumps are used on most of the larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping at very high volumes and because of the labour saving nature of the placing boom. We have two sizes of boom pumps :


24 metre boom mounted on an 18 ton lorry

24 metre reach horizontally (extendable with 50 metres of groundline)

24 metre boom reach vertically


34 metre boom mounted on a 26 ton lorry

34 metre reach horizontally (extendable with 50 metres of groundline)

34 metre boom reach vertically


The second type of concrete pump is a static pump mounted on a 7.5 ton lorry.  It is called a static pump as it does not have a placing boom instead we utilise 3 metre lengths of both steel and flexible rubber pipe which are laid on the ground and clamped together to transfer concrete to where it is required. Line pumps can of course be used on commercial applications but are also very well suited to private and domestic locations where the amount of concrete may be small and space to park the vehicle may be restricted.


The third type of pump is a trailer pump.  This is a compact pump that is towed by a transit van.  It is able to be unhitched and manouvered into position, therefore is ideal for sites with limited access. It also comes with 50m pipe as standard but can be extended by prior arrangement.






Providing concrete pumps throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

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