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Concrete Preparation Equipment and Tool Hire

36” Petrol Power Trowel

Petrol driven machine to trowel large, wet concrete areas to a smooth, fine finish.  Also comes with power trowel pan and pressurised sprayer of concrete release agent for ease of cleaning.



8’ Multiscreed Bar

The Multivibe power screed, with its 8 ft screed bar removes the necessity for screed rails by floating on top of the concrete to give a level tamp like finish.  Longer bars available on request.



50mm High Frequency Electric Poker

Electric concrete vibrating pokers eliminate air pockets and bubbles beneath the surface of a floor or other structures.  Lightweight and versatile, it requires a 110 power supply.  Comes with a 50mm vibrating head, 7 mtr flex and 15 mtr power cable.



Hummer Poker Unit

The 2 stroke petrol vibrating poker is lightweight, versatile and removes the need for an on site power supply or heavy petrol driven unit.  Comes with a 2" vibrating head and a 1.2 mtr flex.



Big Blue Concrete Trowel

Ideal for providing a smooth finish to concrete surfaces, suitable for either a finished surface or in preparation for power floating.  1200mm wide float with 5.4 mtr reach with the 3 light weight aluminium handles.



Standard and Overlap Concrete Tents (7.0m x 5.5m)

Concrete tents offer surface protection from frost or rain damage and early curing on hot summer days.  The covers are wedge shaped and feature a low-slung design which assist in the concrete covers ability to withstand winds of reasonable intensity.  A series of tents can be utilised to cover longer bays by using a combination of standard and over-lap units.

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